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Sanitary Ware Distributor in Malaysia

Meaning of The Symbol Of Quality

Not all water taps in the market are equal. Some can be downright dangerous for one’s health! And cheaper water taps does not necessarily mean a good bargain because in the long run they can break or cause health problem.

More than 90% of Malaysian are not aware of the internal components that make up a tap. A lot of the cheaper taps have cartridges with zero brass content; contain a higher amount of phosphorous, zinc alloy and iron. These taps can get rusty and break. The higher zinc alloy content can eventually lead to kidney problems and effect brain development in children. So, it is very important to choose the right type of taps for your home because the health of your family depends on it!

Company Profile

KIM KHEE TRADING Sdn Bhd has been in the industry for 13 years and specializes in plumbing products for bathroom and piping. The company is an importer and exporter of sanitary ware and of such products and also acts as a distributor. One of the brands that it distributes is Regis Pipes and Bathroom accessories from Germany.

All Regis taps contain 59% to 61% brass content. This means much of the lesser content of other materials such as zinc. This high brass content makes Regis taps very safe for the whole family. The taps won’t rust and all Regis products are made in set by Germany. The taps have a five year warranty for certain parts such as the cartridge. Regis taps are reasonably priced and its high quality is assured. Taps with very little brass content can be cheaper by 30-40% but cheaper certainly does not mean better in the long run for the family.

Regis taps come with water saving features, as part of the company’s effort to manufacture products that are environment friendly. The taps have dual function just like water closets. Dual function taps safe water. The flow and the feel of the water is the same only volume as affected. So, you use little water for minor washing and more water for major washing like washing vegetables etc. The taps also have anti-drip function that ensures there is no dripping of water once the tap is closed. A lot of water is wasted via dripping when tap is not closed properly. A dripping tap can waste up to a pail of water a day! Imagine over weeks and months how much it will add up to? Will Regis taps, you don’t have to worry about this problem. You’ll save money from reduced water bills and help converse water.

Always at the forefront of style and elegance, Regis as a sanitary ware Malaysia company comes out with new, exciting designs every year. The designs are always innovative and are often copied by other companies.

Regis products are available at fine bathroom shops everywhere. They can also be found at all eight Home Centre Jaya Jusco stores all over the country.